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UAS Tech Forum 2018
The anchor event for the Unmanned Aerial Systems Cluster Initiative of Oklahoma and Kansas (UASCI), attracting a wide array of public and private sector professionals and leaders involved in the unmanned aerial systems industry.
Sept 12-13, 2018 Broken Arrow, OK

Portfolio Companies

Cowboy Technology Angels has made investments in the following companies:

3530 Technologies logo
3530 Technologies — 3530Tech is the owner of Credithub, the unique software product developed for loan origination for banks, credit unions and large consumer retail. Loan origination software (LOS) is essential to all loan providers lending operation. Credithub raises the bar for LOS in that it has a built-in decision-engine, allowing loans to be priced according to risk, significantly enhancing bank margins. Senior loan officers, in turn, have a highly effective tool to view and better manage their entire lending suite. Finally, the software has designed-in compliance factors, the #1 issue for banks today, to mitigate the regulatory risks of fines, negative press and loss of customers. Learn more at
AETolls — The purpose of AETolls is to solve the biggest problem in the Tolling Industry which is the collection of tolls from untagged vehicles. The problem has been growing since the initial implementation of Electronic Toll Collection in an Open Road Tolling environment. The problem was further exacerbated as the industry began to migrate toward and All Electronic Toll environment where all the lanes in the tollway are ORT and there are no roadside payment (no toll Booths). AETolls Goal is to replace all current toll payment methods for untagged vehicles by AETolls Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) system. The company's solution is focused on convenience and accessibility for all Untagged Users' demographic groups. Their mantra is "If you can text, you can pay!" It is a service usable by all Mobile Phones. Learn more at

GroundMetrics — A California based company that makes and operates a new class of electromagnetic sensing technologies for geophysical applications and to provide advanced survey and monitoring services directly to oil, gas, mining, geothermal, and environmental companies. Their sensor systems can provide high quality data while operating in challenging environments such as the desert, frozen tundra, and solid rock in addition to extremely hot and cold temperatures. Their low power transmitter can penetrate reservoirs at depth and enable imaging between and beyond oil wells without deploying instrumentation in the oil well, which decreases costs and increases safety and survey speed. Learn more at
Sensulin logo
Infinite Composites Technologies — Infinite Composites Technologies designs, develops, and manufactures composite pressure vessels and structures for space exploration and sustainable transportation. ICT was founded in 2010 to revolutionize composite pressure vessel technology, with the ultimate goal of enabling widespread adoption of composite pressure vessels. This led to the creation of the infinite Composite Pressure Vessel, which provides up to 90% lower mass while reducing cost by up to 90% compared to traditional space pressure vessels and reducing lead time by up to 80%. ICT is the only AS9100D certified manufacturer of linerless composite pressure vessels. Learn more at
Sensulin logo
Sensulin — Sensulin is developing a revolutionary new treatment for those suffering from types 1 and 2 diabetes. Through its development of a true once-a-day glucose responsive insulin, the company may find a way to eliminate the need for basal and mealtime insulin injections, offering a substantial improvement in the standard of care, and most importantly, give those with diabetes a chance at a normal life. Learn more at
Vigilant Aerospace Systems
Vigilant Aerospace Systems, Inc. — Vigilant Aerospace Systems is a provider of industry-leading next-generation flight management and safety systems for both manned and unmanned aircraft that have been developed by NASA and are designed to comply with FAA performance standards. The company’s avionics software platform, FlightHorizon™, is based on an exclusively licensed NASA patent and provides situational awareness, synthetic cockpit views, collision avoidance and other flight information to enable integration of commercial drones into the national airspace. For more information, visit
Water Lens — Water Lens is changing the future of water testing by developing a safe, easy, and intuitive system to accurately determine water quality on site or in a lab. In just 3 steps and 10 minutes, our portable system can provide lab-quality results for 25 critical water quality parameters, which enables companies to greatly reduce expenses and optimize operations. A portion of the profits of Water Lens will go to charitable organizations that sustain long-lasting water projects in developing countries. Learn more at