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UAS Tech Forum 2018
The anchor event for the Unmanned Aerial Systems Cluster Initiative of Oklahoma and Kansas (UASCI), attracting a wide array of public and private sector professionals and leaders involved in the unmanned aerial systems industry.
Sept 12-13, 2018 Broken Arrow, OK

A Pitch Session for Members and Network Guests
Thursday, June 7, 2018
9:00 am – 11:30 am; Hampton Inn, Northeast Oklahoma City
11820 N. I-35 Service Road
Oklahoma City, OK 73131
At the bottom of the Turner Turnpike at I-35
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Please RSVP

Virtual meeting access can be provided via GoToMeeting;
contact if require access.
The session will be recorded.

Purpose: To introduce members and guests to three business investment opportunities:
  • AETolls
  • PlateSmart
  • Nu: Ionic

9:00 am Welcome, intros, purpose
9:15 am AETolls
9:50 am PlateSmart
10:25 am Break
10:40 am Nu: Ionic
11:15 am Closing, Wrap-up, Debrief, Preview of future deals and setting next meeting date
11:30 pm Adjourn

Thumbnails of the Deals
The text provided by the companies and do not represent opinions of Cowboy Angels, its members or management company.

AETolls, LLC, Houston, TX
The purpose of AETolls is the commercial exploitation of the AETolls patents to solve the biggest problem in the Tolling Industry which is the collection of tolls from untagged vehicles. The problem has been growing since the initial implementation of Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) in an Open Road Tolling (ORT) environment. The problem was further exacerbated as the industry began to migrate toward and All Electronic Toll (AET) environment where all the lanes in the tollway are ORT and there are no roadside payment (no toll Booths). AETolls Goal is to replace all current toll payment methods for untagged vehicles by AETolls Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) system. The company’s solution is focused on convenience and accessibility for all Untagged Users’ demographic groups. Their mantra is “If you can text, you can pay!” It is a service usable by all Mobile Phones. It employs a DCB technology whereby Mobile Carriers are the pay agents (not the credit card companies) and the solution complements the Agencies’ Collection Process. The North Texas Tollway Authority is using the beta version of their system. They are raising their first outside investment of $800,000 and the Houston Angel Network is leading the round.

Representing AETolls will be Manuel Fuestes.

PlateSmart, Oldsmar, FL
PlateSmart was founded on the principles of innovation and remains the leading provider of Vehicle Recognition Identification Technology. A global Innovator since 2004, headquartered in Oldsmar, Florida and strives to provide a superior security solution and excellent customer service. PlateSmart is the leading provider of camera-agnostic, Vehicle Recognition Identification and intelligent video analytic solutions. Our advantage is our ability to capture more data and deliver more actionable intelligence from a wider field of view with Object Recognition technology, instead of the traditional OCR technology. PlateSmart’s open-architecture approach serves enterprise, government, and commercial organizations through our ecosystem of top-tier security solution providers.

Nu: Ionic Technologies, LP, Portland, ME
Nu:ionic Technologies has developed innovative technology for converting natural gas to higher value products, including hydrogen. Nu:ionic’s innovative hybrid hydrogen product combines methane from natural gas with electricity in a patent-pending technology utilizing industrial microwave to in an ultra-efficient and significantly lower capital cost solution. The small footprint of Nu:ionic’s equipment allows on-demand hydrogen to be produced at costs well below that of delivered hydrogen alternatives. Hydrogen gas is the most widely used industrial gas in the world, with widespread use as a feedstock in the oil refining, specialty chemical and fertilizer industries. The global market for hydrogen is estimated to be more than US$17 billion with an annual growth rate of 6%. Furthermore, hydrogen is considered the fuel of the future, being the only fuel alternative that allows a lower carbon energy economy, with zero emissions at its point of use.

Nu:ionic is raising C$1.440m in private equity, to be combined with C$860,000 in Canadian government grants and loans. We have made good progress with the Canadian government funding and we are optimistic on this. Of the C$1.44m in private equity, we expect that C$440,000 will come from a Canadian provincial investment fund, so that our total current need is C$1m, or approximately $800,000 US as a convertible debenture.

Representing Nu:Ionic will be one of its three principals, Jan Boshoff, PhD.